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Meet the Team

Tannia Aguirre – Travel Specialist Tania 1

I started working in the industry selling the South Pacific, but shortly after I had the opportunity to change to the Latin American department.

I wasn’t too familiar with the destination so it was quite the challenge getting my head around it but I soon learned how interesting, exciting, beautiful and diverse this part of the world is.

I’ve had the opportunity to travel to a few places in Latin America, and have absolutely loved most, if not all the areas I’ve been to. So it would be hard for me to tell you where the best place is, or what my favorite hike was or, or where you’ll find the best food.

What I can tell you is that each country has so much to offer and areas for you to explore.

From Mexico with its rich culture and delicious food, to the breathtaking scenery in Patagonia to the laid back people in Cuba – you cannot go wrong visiting this amazing destination.



Sophie jones - Website photo (2)Sophie Jones – Travel Specialist

My passion for travel developed at a very young age through family holidays to Europe. I always dreamed about travelling the world!

I took my passion further and studied travel and tourism at college which lead me to working as a Travel Specialist for 5 years. At the age of 23 I left my home in England to travel the world with my best friend. We travelled through Latin America, North America, Asia, and Australasia.

I love everything to do with travel. The feeling of freedom and independence when travelling somewhere for the first time; deciphering a new country’s language, currency and culture; the excitement of feeling like an explorer discovering a new land; and the way it broadens your mind in so many different ways.

My fondest memories lie in Latin America; from completing the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and ice trekking on the Perito Moreno Glacier; to exploring the Amazon rainforest in Peru and the ancient Mayan ruins in Guatemala.

A couple of places I would like to tick off my bucket list would be: The Galapagos Islands, Cuba & I would love to see more of Mexico.

There is no other place in the world like Latin America, every country is so unique and will provide you with a variety of culture, magnificent scenery and beautiful people.

I wouldn’t even call Latin America a passion anymore; it’s more of an obsession!


soraya 3Soraya Rojas – Travel Specialist  

Born and raised in Chile, I have always dreamed about travelling around the globe and living abroad.

I was introduced to the industry when I decided to study Tourism 10 years ago. Shortly after, I started working at the airport for Lan Chile and Sky Airlines and diverse travel agencies in Concepcion and Santiago.

A few years ago, I decided to take a break in my life so I came to Australia to study a Bachelor Degree and at the same time travel around Australasia and Asia. Rapidly I knew that Australia would be my second home and I decided to stay here longer…

Living far from home hasn’t been easy. However, working as part of the SATO Team, has offered me the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion about my culture with every client that contacts us.

I have had the opportunity to visit a few countries in South America. My favorite destination is San Pedro de Atacama in the north of Chile.  Here you will be mesmerized with the most stunning sunsets and sunrises in the world.



Jaime de la Maza – Business Development Manager -New Zealand – Jaime 1

 Since I was a child, whenever someone asked me what I want to be when I grow up I would respond ‘to travel’.

I wanted to be a diplomat so I could travel and learn about other cultures.  The years passed, and between 18 and 20 years of age I had the opportunity to travel on family holidays, or trips with friends, to places like the north and south of Chile, Peru, Brazil and I even lived for a stint in Buenos Aires.

Later on, in my last year of studying marketing at university in Chile and decided that when I finished my degree I would go and live in New Zealand for a year.  After an incredible experience in New Zealand, I decided to base myself in Melbourne and work in tourism, specializing in Latin America. I have now lived more than 8 years in Melbourne and I enjoy feeling like a little ‘ambassador’ for Latin America in the tourism industry.


I have to say that Latin America is a unique destination with diverse options for different types of travelers. You can’t help but be surprised by the majesty of her nature, culture, food, music, and the spirit of the local people.

It’s difficult to choose a favorite part of Latin America among so many incredible places but if you have time in your itinerary try to visit Valparaiso for some days.  Valparaiso is a port city in Chile, very close to Santiago (approximately 1.5 hours by car).  Valparaiso is a poetic port city, a world heritage site with great food and gorgeous boutique hotels. And try to include visits to Perú, Buenos Aires, Iguazu and Rio de Janeiro.


Megan DaviesMegan Davies –  Business Development Manager – ACT/Northern NSW/QLD

I first went to Peru to walk the Ausangate trail near Cuzco and then climbed a small peak Pisco in the Cordillera Blanca.

I loved the beauty and remoteness of the Andes contrasted with the incredible colour of the local towns and people. I went back and travelled with a backpack from Ecuador to Argentina enjoying the hospitality and generosity of so many locals on the way.

Another trip took me along the Brazilian coast and to the Amazon proper and Manaus. The Galapagos islands also blew my mind, the animals are so unique and accessible and the cruising was activity based and fun.

The history of this continent has defined a enviable state of consciousness and culture, and with so many unique ecosystems it will always have new places for me to go back discover.



New Picture (8)

Nadina Bross – Business Development Manager – NSW 

“I started my journey in tourism 16 years ago and have worked in several wholesale organisations since. I lived in the UK for 2 years where I traveled and worked in the industry during my time there. On return to Australia, I started working for a large wholesale organisation for approximately 9 years in various roles including Reservations, Product and Business Development Management. I have travelled extensively to many wonderful continents and am passionate at selling the destinations I have discovered. As a BDM for SATO I look forward to talking all things amazing in South America”







Lorena Palma  – Marketing Designer Issy and Lore at Perito Moreno (2)

 I was born in Chile and came to Australia when I was 5 years old. My love of travel began at a young age as I was lucky enough to travel to Chile various times throughout my childhood and during my teenage years.

I began my career in travel at South America Tourism Office and did my best on the job training when I escorted a group tour to the Highlights of South America, where I fell in love with locals and enjoyed the culture throughout of South America. My favorite countries were Peru, Argentina and the south of Chile (Patagonia and Lakes region).

I’ve traveled extensively throughout Chile (Atacama Desert, Lakes Region of Chile, Patagonia, Cruising on Navimag), Peru (Lima, Cuzco, Puno), Lake Titicaca, Bolivia (La Paz), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo), Iguazu Falls, Argentina (Buenos Aires, Bariloche), Lakes crossing from Bariloche to Puerto Montt .

My top 5 favourite locations in South America:

  • Torres del Paine National Park, Chilean Patagonia
  • Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Iguazu Falls (Argentina and Brazil)
  • Perito Moreno, Argentina
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I’ve just returned to the travel industry after starting a family and I hope to pass on my love of travel to my young children. My future plans include taking the kids to visit the wonders of Galapagos Islands and the Amazon.


Ana Cervantes 2  Ana Cervantes –  Receptionist and Documentation Manager

I am from Lima-Peru and moved to Australia with my French husband in 2005.

I studied Tourism and Hospitality at university in Peru which has allowed me to work in this field since I moved here.

In 2008 I joined SATO for the first time and had the opportunity to make wonderful some friends.

In 2010 I took a break from work and moved to Miami with my husband and 2 daughters. From here I was able to show my 2 daughters my beautiful country Peru, where they learnt Spanish. We also visited Ecuador , Chile , Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama ,USA, France ,Spain and Australasia.

I have recently re-joined the team after being away for a few years and I am very pleased to see that SATO has grown with a new office, new staff and new products.

I look forward to progressing in my career with this amazing team and the support of my family.

Thanks SATO and Buen Viaje!


Gustavo Lifszyc – Products and Systems Managergustavo1

I am from Argentina and my connection with tourism started 30 years ago with my first trips around South America, my passions for travel took me to different places and decide to learn more about travel industry and make it my profession. Over the years I built up a very high knowledge in my area and took me to work in different countries in different roles.

Today I find myself in a very nice position, mixing my passion for South America and my professional experience.